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"EUROKONSULTING" - Biuro Audytorsko-Rachunkowe is a Polish private and independent company certified by the National Board of Auditors to provide audit services on the basis of its entry under No. 1863 on the list of entities authorized to conduct financial audits.
Eurokonsulting has been operating since 1998.

The company's business activities are insured
at the Social Security Institution (Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych) against civil liability for property damage or loss caused in connection with its operations.

The Management Board of Biuro Audytorsko-Rachunkowego Eurokonsulting:
Barbara Łuczak-Gilarska President of the Board - partner - Barbara Łuczak-Gilarska.
Auditor, certified accountant's degree since 1975.
Auditor's license Reg. No. 8929/4764.
Worked as chief accountant and in foreign trade as finance and accounting agent until 1991.

Vice President of the Board - partner - Elżbieta Rząca
Auditor's license Reg. No. 9124/3306.

First Member of the Board - partner - mgr Grażyna Kania
Graduated from the University of Warsaw in 1978.
Degree in philology, passed First Certificate in English exam.

Grażyna Kania

Grażyna Kania

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Eurokonsulting Sp. z o.o.
04-359 Warszawa, ul. Kobielska 23, lok. 166, klatka C, piętro 9
tel/fax: (022) 668 70 83, 823 77 08